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Use the success you’ve earned to live the life you want to lead

Free range thinking


Hello. I’m Tom Gosling.

I’m a qualified actuary and trained financial coach. I had a successful professional career spanning 20+ years, most recently as a senior partner at PwC where I established and led the firm’s executive pay practice.

I decided to leave the firm at 50 to live a life of greater freedom and variety, and to spend my time on things I love: being with family and friends; playing tennis and cycling; contributing to my local community; building a portfolio of professional work in executive coaching and responsible business.

This didn’t happen overnight but was the culmination of a long-term plan for financial freedom. I now want to share my experiences so that you too can use the success you’ve earned to live the life you want to lead.

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So what is financial freedom?

The six financial freedom factors

Achieving financial freedom isn’t complicated, but it is difficult. As a successful professional you have all the skills and resources that you need. But most of us need help to put the pieces together in the right way and to challenge our assumptions. This is why I call it The Gosling Factor — I use my coaching skills and professional experience to help you multiply your own capabilities and knowledge.

For most successful professionals, financial freedom requires alignment of six factors. There’s a video and introduction behind each of the six links below.

What is the life you really want to lead?

Does the way you spend money align with your values?

How do you invest to live the life you want to lead?

What does money mean to you?

How should you provide for your children and family?

Where are you heading and how do you get there?

Which phase of life are you in?


Establish the habits and tools that will eventually lead to your own financial freedom.


Accelerate your trajectory to financial freedom, living better now while you build plans for the future.


Prepare financially, professionally and psychologically to move into the next phase of your life.